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Wealth Management

Wealth management is offered to affluent individuals and families focused on retirement income, pension and estate planning. We work with our clients as they transition into and throughout retirement. Ensuring they don’t outlive their savings and that their assets are passed down to their beneficiaries in the most tax efficient manner.


Retirement Income
The number one concern for retirees is outliving their savings. We work with our clients to ensure their income lasts throughout their entire life and that it is received in the most tax-efficient manner.


Pension Planning
A pension is a guaranteed income that lasts for life or a set period of time. The average Canadian Pension Plan benefit as of October 2018 was approximately $664 per month, with less than 37% of employers still offering a company pension plan.

Estate Planning

Your family and your charitable causes are a priority, it is important to properly prepare your succession and give yourself peace of mind that your estate is being properly distributed to ensure a lasting legacy.

Wealth Enhancement

Wealth Management Objectives


Wealth Enhancement
The goal is to minimize the impact of taxation on our clients portfolio during retirement.


Wealth Transfer

Wealth transfer is about finding the most tax-efficient way to pass assets to your beneficiaries.

Wealth Protection

Protecting our clients investment assets against catastrophic loss. Potential creditors, children's spouses, a potential ex-spouse and litigation.

Charitable Giving

This encompasses all aspects related to fulfilling your charitable goals in the most impactful way possible.


Minimum Requirements:

We work with individuals, families, entrepreneurs, wealth inheritors and family businesses with a minimum of $500,000 in investable assets. If you do not meet the requirements you may qualify for our Financial Planning Services. Please contact us to schedule an initial meeting.

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